truePERMIT™ award-winning platform for e-Government


The truePERMIT™ platform is an application framework that enables the extensive functionality for online resource regulatory management systems for mining, petroleum, water, forestry and environment.

The regulatory environment in each jurisdiction is subject to different historical, political, social and cultural legacies. These differences are often reflected in the legislation and regulations that govern resource development. Moreover, each resource – minerals, petroleum, water and forests – has unique exploration and development characteristics that impose differences in the oversight and regulation of each industry. Yet there is considerable commonality in regulatory systems across both jurisdictions and resource industries. In our experience, each jurisdiction has four basic systems to support and regulate each resource industry:

  1. Resource Information or promotional system in the form of maps that provide detailed information about the resource – geology, surface and ground water, forestry reserves, etc. along with current and historical tenures, exploration and production reports as well as base maps and other information to enable industry to make effective development decisions.
  2. Tenure Management – the cadastre or registry system – that defines ownership, location, size and obligations of the parcel under tenure. In addition, this system defines the requirements for the acquisition and ongoing management of the tenure – renewal, forfeiture, transfer and reporting and status of tenure obligations.
  3. Permitting requires the submission of detailed permit applications, their assessment and determination by various experts – engineering, environment, health and safety, etc. – who may be responsible to other divisions or ministries within government. Also included are extensive consultations with local communities, aboriginal stakeholders and land owners.
  4. Audits and Inspections function is responsible for the preparation, planning and selection of candidates for audits and inspections as well as the conduct and outcomes reporting. This function also encompasses incident management as well as the management of obligations and compliance resulting from audits and inspections.


The truePERMIT™ Platform is specifically designed and optimized to support these capabilities in each resource industry the systems may be implemented. Based on cloud computing application architecture principles, the platform enables:

  • o Rapid, robust development, deployment and replacement of loosely coupled application components or micro-services, for example, tenure management;
  • o Governance through accessible, configurable business rules executed in alternative industry-standard rules engines;
  • o Orchestratration by means of centralized, visible process logic executed in alternative industry-standard BPM engines; and
  • o Agility and scalability through explicitly declared, isolated and configurable dependencies that support a wide range of operating environments and evolving supporting services technologies.



The benefits of this latest version of the truePERMITTM Platform are considerable for the regulatory agencies and their clients, including:

  • The ability to innovate, experiment, and deliver value more quickly than our competitors. We can collaborate with our clients to design, develop, test and deploy the systems they need far faster and more reliably than ever. This applies equally to new features and improvements.
  • Increased safety and reliability through:
    • o Visibility – Feature-rich metrics, monitoring, alerting, and data visualization tools
    • o Fault isolation – Failure in any one component can be limited to just that component
    • o Fault tolerance – Prevent cascading failures and provide graceful fallback behavior
    • o Automated recovery – Employ automated detection and recovery.
  • The ability to elastically respond to changes in demand. The application components are designed built to grow and granular scalability means acquiring and paying for those operating system and supporting service resources only where and when you need them. Mobility enables clients to interact with these enterprise applications seamlessly from any location, on any device, and at any time with the same interface and look and feel.

In the following sections below we describe and depict the features and functionality in each of the domains – for mining, petroleum, water, forestry, and environment – where we have developed systems for reguatory clients.

Comprehensive platform solutions for e-Government

Successful Platform Implementations


Oil and Gas e-Permit System

OGC e-PERMIT is an electronic software driven by spatial submissions that focuses on enhancing the process for applicants to fully prepare and submit oil and gas permit applications, as well as advancing the OGC application screening process.

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NB e-CLAIMS System

PGTS has implemented successfully for Minerals Petroleum and Development Branch of New Brunswick an online map staking/claim acquisition and administration system. It enable authorized clients to view up-to-date mineral claims and other relevant digital information to acquire, renew and submit electronic requests for exploration rights, as well as make online payments and obtain immediate confirmation of such acquisitions.

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