• truePERMIT Water Management (WM)

    truePERMIT Water Management (WM)

    Water is the World’s most critical resource. PGTS truePERMIT™ Water Management (WM) product places the focus on integral management of…

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  • trueMINER


    This is the new generate of mining property management software. trueMINER provides a Properties model to allow for effective streamlined…

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  • mapCONNECT Viewer

    mapCONNECT Viewer

    mapCONNECT Viewer is a configurable application template to provide a cost-effective solution for manipulation of geo-spatial data than is provided…

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  • truePERMIT Energy

    truePERMIT Energy

    PGTS truePERMIT™ Energy is a flexible enterprise framework for the Energy sector. It is a modular enterprise framework with a…

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