truePERMIT Water Management (WM)

Water is the World’s most critical resource. PGTS truePERMIT™ Water Management (WM) product places the focus on integral management of this most precious resource.

National and Regional jurisdictions around the world, share a common responsibility to effectively manage water, uses water licensing and controls water drainage under the various Water Management Acts. PGTS truePERMIT™ Water Management (WM) product operates on the proven truePERMIT™ framework and provides full GIS-enabled and dynamic reporting to the administration of water use.

The mandate of each government jurisdiction is to provide for the sustainable allocation of surface water, licensing and groundwater for various (domestic, municipal, agricultural, industrial, irrigation and other) purposes. The social responsibility is to respect all stakeholders in the use of water.

Around the globe data captured on water use is on the rise, and water use is on the rise as agriculture requirements are expanding. Water use is expected to grow over the next period of time. Using PGTS truePERMIT™ Water Management (WM) product, you can bring water users together and effectively manage this growing need for water as it flows. Our product is readily configured to work off of existing corporate infrastructure as required, or the client has the flexibility for a stand-alone business application.

In recent years, trends in agriculture, the weather and greater environmental awareness have come together to greatly increase drainage-related conflict in agricultural Manitoba, thus increasing the need for timely licensing and enforcement.

Our technical design ensures your application is:

  • Configurable: Our product is designed to be fully configured so that it can evolve to meet changing business requirements while reducing the need for customization or modification.
  • Portable: We believe that many of the components of Water Management apply to many of a jurisdiction’s regulatory and permitting processes for natural resources (Crown Lands, Forestry, Mining). Our design approach focuses on developing re-usable components that can be leveraged across natural resource permitting solutions providing extraordinary value to each government departments.
  • Maintainable: Our design leverages jurisdictional Simulation Open Framework Architecture (SOFA) an Open Source framework to provide maximum maintainability of the code for your product. This will provide a consistent framework and “out-of-the-box” templates to ensure the application is maintainable and compliant with jurisdictional standards.
  • Sustainable: The product implemented for each jurisdiction is developed using technologies that have a stable long-term outlook in the marketplace and are expected to provide a predictable growth path: Java, .NET, ESRI ArcGIS Server, HTML 5.

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