truePERMIT Mining Cadastre (MC)

PGTS truePERMIT™ Mining Cadastre (MC) is a complex web-based software that automates workflow associated with mining titles, and other land management activities to meet the current government needs and to overcome at a high level the challenge posed by this type of implementations.

PGTS delivers advanced technology and designs fully-featured systems that automate and enforce data integrity, allowing customizable features to improve mining title security and transparent management for customers, the government and the general public.

The illustration below shows an overview of the customizable modules and features that are part of our software:


The steps in implementing our software are illustrated in the following chart below. The chart illustrates the initial step, the consultation consisting of the best practices implemented so far, through to the complete project planning. This includes the business process review, the scope, the time, the cost and the required implementation system, taking into account the client’s responsibilities and those of PGTS as the product provider.


The value range required by the implementation of these solutions varies depending on the scope and the procedures to automate, as well as on the existing resources and the information availability.

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