Online permitting cuts red tape

truePERMIT™ is an advanced, Web-based e-Permitting solution offered exclusively by Pacific GeoTech Systems Ltd. It allows government and land use authorities to offer online the full permitting process, including the selection of the area of interest for land and resource use. Typical applications are in the areas of land, forestry, mining, oil/gas exploration, electrical energy, recreation, agriculture, fishing, as well as a variety of high tech enterprises.

truePERMIT™ is highly adaptable and can be customized to put any permitting process online with minimal effort. It speeds up the application process, eliminates the need for paper for permit applications, provides access information about ownership, as well as maintains permitting related data using database, reporting and new interface technologies.

Pacific GeoTech uses a project cycle that ensures success by engaging the client in all critical junctures. The project development cycle is based on Rapid Application Development™ but has been modified to respond primarily to e-Business applications and e-Permitting Systems development.

Our truePERMIT™ based e-permitting solutions allow government clients to apply online for land use or other permits. Since the entire permitting procedure is fully automated, clients can fill out online forms, submit data and make secure electronic payments.

truePERMIT™ integrates with current computer technologies, leverages established business policies and procedures, and incorporates cutting-edge security features.

truePERMIT™ makes the permit application process more rigorous and efficient. Governments can provide improved and faster services. Clients benefit through safe and time-saving online transactions, access to online government data, instant resolution of permitting conflicts and faster permit processing.

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