Based on GML open-standard specifications, SHP2GML Suite is a complete solution for serving and validating your geo-spatial data using compression and smart XML-parsing. The SHP2GML suite addresses the growing need for geo-spatial exchange and standardized geographic information and services between government and the private sector.

  • SHP2GML GeoBroker
  • SHP2GML Desktop
  • SHP2GML Java Library (Geo4J)
  • Recreation SHP2GML Geotranslator

SHP2GML GeoBroker delivers fast Geographic Information over the Internet and easily translates geo-spatial ESRI SHAPE format to and from Geographic Markup Language (GML) format.

SHP2GML Desktop is a desktop application used for translating and validating ESRI SHAPE format to Geographic Markup Language (GML) format.

SHP2GML Java Library (Geo4J) is a simple Java Library that enables integration with third party applications. ESRI's format is already supported. Integration with other data viewers or mapping servers will be soon available. The Library will include all the files you need to redistribute Geo4J with your application(s).

Recreation SHP2GML GeoTranslator used by BC Ministry of Forests and Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management imports, exports and translates standard Recreation Features, Recreation Opportunity Spectrum, Visual Landscape and Viewpoints Inventory geospatial data from GML/XML to ESRI SHAPE format and from ESRI SHAPE to GML/XML format, retaining all links, data structure and smart capabilities of the original files.

Pacific GeoTech provides open-standard solutions, cost-effective systems and tools for delivering Geographic Information over the Internet with extensive expertise in Java, XML, GML and related web-based technologies.

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